Technical Information

At the heart of the RedCop™ system is a custom-made, electronic control module, which supervises all RedCop™ on-board systems for optimal performance. In addition to managing the video and alarm handling hardware, the control unit also provides a range of valuable features.


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  • Monitoring of 3G bandwidth usage across all SIMs and networks, with alerts, centralised via the IVY™ platform as a one-stop solution for connectivity management.
  • Means for local and remote set / unset using switch, keypad, wireless key point and more, with local indication if required. Audit trail and alerts are via the IVY™ platform.
  • Monitoring and control of the battery and charger systems, with live reporting, statistics and alerts via the IVY™ platform.
  • Integration with and control of renewable power sources and fossil fuelled generators, with monitoring of fuel levels and consumption rates, as required by the hardware solution.
  • Dedicated power supplies for all parts of the RedCop™ RDT, eliminating wasteful power conversions inherent in other battery → mains → DC inverter-type systems.
  • Tamper, tracker and audio challenge functions.
Man in monitoring suite


All RedCop™ on-board equipment complies with remote monitoring standard BS8418. The RedCop™ high security monitoring station is BS5979: category 2 certified. This is essential for entertainment and event licenses, keeping site insurance premiums low and proving a duty of care to staff. RedCop™ transmits using 3G wireless communications and can be monitored directly using the industry-standard IMMIX control software.

Genesis 1 PIR detector

Alarm Handling

RedCop™ uses wireless PIR intruder detection systems from Luminite Electronics Ltd. These can be used out-of-the-box. A range of other manufacturers’ systems are integrated with the RedCop™ and the list is ever-growing. RedCop™ can also be used with hard-wired and network-based intruder detection products.

The IVY™ platform

The IVY™ platform from manufacturer xx manages the actions the RedCop™ makes in response to an alarm event. This can include moving the X-SERIES™ PTZ to a pre-set position and sending an alert to the central, remote monitoring station. IVY™ supports any central station which can accept alarms by SMTP 'push' and is simple to integrate with many other security systems. Video transmission is performed using widely-supported and well-regarded off-the-shelf devices.


Download the RedCop brochure
Download the RedCop Manual

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