The RedCop™ CCTV system

Whatever the intrusion on site, RedCop™ has it covered.

X_SERIES Dual Light PTZ CCTV Camera

A Redvision X-SERIES™ dual light PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) dome camera mounted on top of a 6m telescopic tower. This advanced CCTV camera can zoom in on intruders and provide detailed video images for identification and evidence purposes. The X-SERIES™ camera operates in low light conditions, providing reliable surveillance, day and night.

Around the clock surveillance by expert operators in a high security, remote monitoring station.

PIR detector

PIR (Passive Infra-Red) detectors which sense movement on site, alerting operators immediately if an intrusion occurs.

Audio functionality so operators can speak and listen to people on site. Operators can warn off intruders and would-be thieves or issue verbal instructions to site visitors.

Optional fixed cameras to provide complete and continuous site coverage.

RedCop™ is designed to withstand harsh weather and operates effectively in freezing, rainy conditions. Its PTZ camera has a built-in wiper for removing water droplets and dirt from the camera view, which can adversely affect image quality. Its heavy-duty, rugged construction reduces the risk of vandalism or interference.

Why use wireless PIR (Passive infra-red) detectors?

PIR detectors are designed to sense movement or intrusion at a site. They alert the monitoring station operators immediately, so they can direct the X-SERIES™ PTZ camera to zoom in, follow and record events in more detail.

RedCop™ PIR technology is designed to identify people, but ignore common false alarm triggers such foliage movement, animals and loose materials flapping in the wind. The PIRs are also immune to the negative effects of reflected sunlight and car headlights.

RedCop™ comes with four PIRs. These can be mounted on the RedCop™ tower or on suitable objects around a site, such as fences or trees. They can be mounted up to 1km from the RedCop™ and extra PIRs can be added to the system up to a total of 64.

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X_SERIES Dual Light PTZ CCTV Camera

Why use a Redvision Dual-Light PTZ dome camera?

The Redvision X-SERIES™ PTZ Dual-Light rugged dome camera, mounted at the top of the RedCop™ 6m telescopic tower, offers 360° PTZ viewing and can zoom in on people or site incidents to produce detailed, close-up, high-quality video images.

The infra-red (IR) and white-light "super-efficient" LED illumination technologies, used in the X-SERIES™ Dual-Light rugged dome camera, ensure excellent video images are produced, even in total darkness and at night. Full scene illumination is possible at up to 100m at night, with facial recognition for evidence or prosecution purposes, at up to 40m.

The X-SERIES™ Dual-Light cameras’ IR illuminators allow covert viewing, whilst its white light illuminators give visible flood lighting of an area. The IR mode avoids light pollution in sensitive areas and the white light mode can be used by operators to identify, spotlight and then track intruders - a highly effective crime deterrent and identification tool.

The X-SERIES™ PTZ camera can look directly down its telescopic tower mount, so RedCop™ has no surveillance blind spots. It has a flat glass window in front of its camera lens, to eliminate optical distortion, and includes a wiper option to remove water droplets and for cleaning its glass window.

The X-SERIES™ PTZ camera is weather-proof and extremely rugged, so it can be used in challenging environmental conditions, from wet weather through to marine and even hazardous conditions.

The camera has a very low energy consumption to extend battery life and for low operating costs.

Fixed CCTV Cameras

Why use fixed cameras with the PTZ camera?

RedCop™ has the option for four additional fixed cameras, as well as the X-SERIES™ PTZ camera. These are set up to look in four different directions and give complete and continuous site coverage. They produce clear images and ensure that there are no blind spots or creep zones for intruders to hide in. When an intrusion or incident is identified with the fixed cameras, an operator can direct the X-SERIES™ PTZ camera to zoom in, follow and record events in more detail.

Mounted speaker system

What are the benefits of the audio functionality?

RedCop™ has on-board speakers which allow operators to communicate directly with people on site. This function supports remote site management, where operators can communicate with site staff and instruct site visitors. Operators can challenge intruders and issue warnings, which is an extremely effective deterrent.

RedCop™ has a 30W audio amplifier with two mast-mounted, horn-type loudspeakers for clear, audio instructions.