Redvision is a UK designer and manufacturer of high performance CCTV security surveillance cameras.


RedCop™ is a subsidiary of Redvision CCTV Ltd, a UK designer and manufacturer high performance CCTV security surveillance cameras and installation solutions. The company is committed to producing high quality, high performance CCTV security surveillance solutions that have a minimum impact on the environment.

Quality Assured

All manufacturing processes and procedures are strictly monitored to ensure the very best in build-quality and product reliability.


Established in 2000, Redvision is an experienced UK designer and manufacturer of security surveillance equipment. In 2006, it created and established the industry's first, rugged, external PTZ camera with true, built-in, infra-red illumination to offer 360° night-time video surveillance.

Redvision specialises in super-efficient, white-light and infra-red LED technologies, so its products can be used in total darkness or mixed lighting conditions. Low running costs and total cost of ownership (TCO) ensure its green credentials are maximised.

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Industry Experience

The team at RedCop™ has unprecedented security industry knowledge and experience. Staff members have worked in the CCTV industry for many years and understand CCTV products; where and how they are used; the technologies available to maximise performance and how its products integrate within wider security systems from town centres, utilities and universities through to ports, prisons and MoD sites.

Environmental policy

RedCop™ implements a leading environmental policy. Energy efficiency and reduced “total-cost-of-ownership” have been central to the green-energy design approach used by the company. The IR and white light, night-time CCTV cameras that RedCop™ uses have super-efficient LED technology, delivering both extensive night-time illumination capability and low operating costs. They remove the need for energy-draining security lighting and eliminate the light pollution these can cause.